Courses taught at the University of Arizona

·     ​  CE214: Statics

·       CE381: Construction Management

·       CE482: Construction Project Planning, Scheduling, and Control

·       CE483: Construction Cost Estimating

·       ENG495: Leadership in Engineering


CE214: Statics -- What students are saying:

"Good content, pacing, the homework load is just right. Pretty relaxing yet interesting class. I like the read-world examples in class."

"It is a part of everyday life. It will be very helpful in my future career."

"I like all the examples that are worked through in class. I also like the real world examples."

"I like that the instructor makes the lecture fun and interesting. Its always a beautiful day to do statics."

"Very straightforward, tests are just like the HW so no surprises there."


CE381: Construction Management -- What students are saying:

"I especially enjoyed the guest speakers and site visits since it really helps to hear and see from people in the field."

"I  loved having the opportunity to visit construction projects in Tucson! Also I thought the mock bid was so much fun and I learned a lot in the process!"

"I enjoyed all of the real-life related activities. I felt like I’ve learned a lot and have become very interested in construction."

"I like that every day in class was something different whether it be a lecture, a guest presenter, or a student presentation, class was always interesting."

"I liked learning things and then being able to observe them at my site observations and at the Friday construction site visits."


CE482: Construction Project Planning, Scheduling, and Control –What students are saying:

“I have already been asked at my current internship to manage design schedules with the knowledge I have learned, and will bring that knowledge to my next job!”

“I liked how we dealt with a real life scenario during the project assignment.”

“Learning P6 (scheduling software) will be valuable in the future.”

”I really liked the information we learned about how project schedules work and how the construction process works when viewed as a schedule.”

“Course material is very relevant to real-world. Homework was not too lengthy and was good practice for tests.”

“All my interviews have been very interested in the fact I have this experience. There are a lot of scheduling, procurement, etc. jobs that I feel will now be open to people who have taken the construction management classes.”


CE483: Construction Cost Estimating –What students are saying:

"Great class that I can apply directly to industry."

"A lot of practical knowledge, all the things so close to the reality. You can apply everything on the job."

"Greatly enjoyed the lectures and bid simulation. Definitely felt like an estimator on that day."

"I like the guest speakers and all of their insight into the industry."

"A lot of exposure to industry practices and opportunities for networking."

"Can’t wait to use all of my knowledge from this class in my job after graduation!"

"All students in CE should take this class!"


ENG495: Leadership in Engineering

"Getting to hear from so many different kinds of people was very informative and made this class valuable."

"Every instructor truly expressed a passion for wanting to help develop students' leadership skills."

"I really enjoyed the class and feel like it had prepared me for when I enter industry. The mentorship quality of the class is amazing."

"I really enjoyed having all the speakers come in and tell their stories about their personal experiences working in the field as engineers. You can’t get this anywhere else!"